Riding the Wind

Riding the Wind

Riding the Wind: The Untold Story of GWO Training in NYC’s Offshore Wind Industry

The offshore wind industry is becoming a powerful force in New York City, presenting exciting opportunities for those keen to ride the wave of this burgeoning field. Central to these opportunities is Global Wind Organization (GWO) training, an essential credential for anyone aspiring to work on wind turbines. Let’s dive into the untold story of GWO Training in NYC’s offshore wind industry.

The Genesis of TMI Waterfront’s GWO Training

TMI Waterfront Services LLC, a joint venture between Indigo River and Menotti Enterprise, has emerged as a trailblazer in this arena. Their GWO Training program is the first of its kind in the state, offering a unique approach to education in the offshore wind industry. This initiative is a brilliant example of collaboration, bringing together three leaders in offshore wind training to spearhead the offshore wind sector in Staten Island.

Under the mentorship of Energy Innovation, a GWO training provider based in Norway, TMI Waterfront developed a program that is expected to serve as a blueprint for other states. This program has been designed with an international standard in mind, ensuring that graduates are equipped with the knowledge and skills to succeed anywhere in the world.

The Benefits of GWO Training

GWO Training is more than just a certificate – it’s a pathway to a safer, more rewarding career in the wind industry. By equipping participants with the knowledge and skills to reduce injury risks, GWO training contributes to creating a safer work environment. Furthermore, GWO standards are recognized by the world’s largest wind energy employers, making the certification a valuable asset in the job market.

GWO Training also supports the growing demand for qualified workers in the expanding wind industry. It provides a platform for future students to explore exciting options in wind energy and contributes to growing the domestic workforce. Moreover, GWO training providers, such as TMI Waterfront, deliver courses that have lower development costs, with savings passed on to the industry

What TMI Waterfront’s GWO Training Offers

TMI Waterfront’s GWO Training program distinguishes itself with a unique floating barge facility. This facility is capable of accommodating up to a dozen students weekly and can travel to different communities, reducing travel barriers for prospective participants.

The training offers an opportunity to receive a GWO basic safety training certification, a standard requirement for working on wind turbines. It also provides basic safety training for infrequent visitors to wind turbine facilities, such as management staff. The training covers critical safety areas, including sea survival, first aid, fire awareness, and working at heights.

In addition to the training opportunities, the program also serves as a gateway towards career opportunities in the field, helping participants network with potential employers.

The Impact on Workforce Development

TMI Waterfront’s GWO Training is not just shaping individuals but also the future workforce. With an expanding need for skilled workers in the offshore wind industry, workforce development programs are materializing quickly. NYC has begun efforts to enable women, minority-owned, and historically disadvantaged businesses to participate in the early stages of waterfront construction.

TMI Waterfront Service’s GWO-certified Offshore Wind training will play a critical role in preparing union tradespeople and workers from underinvested communities to enter this emerging industry. As NYC Comptroller Brad Lander noted, the transition to renewable energy presents our city with a unique opportunity to build a skilled workforce for a more sustainable future​1​.

Join the Revolution

Are you ready to ride the wind? Join TMI Waterfront’s GWO Training program and be part of the next generation of skilled workers in the offshore wind industry. Experience the benefits of world-class safety training and be a part of the shift to a cleaner, greener future.

We invite you to visit TMI Waterfront Services LLC to learn more and embark on your journey in the offshore wind industry. Be a part of this exciting revolution and contribute to a sustainable future.